Playbar and Sub

Sonos Playbar vs Bose 1SR

At last Sonos have brought out a TV speaker. The new Sonos Playbar sound just as good as promised. We will have it to listen to and buy, in the shop from this Wednesday 6th but we had an audition here this week.

The Sonos Playbar is a very smart addition to any living room and with a price tag of only £599 it is not a huge investment. At around 1m wide its more or less the same width as the Bose 1SR although a little wider and higher. Like the Bose it sits flat or upright and a bracket is available to mount it on a wall.

Unlike the Bose it does not come with simple proprietary set up equipment but it does a good ‘best guess’ regarding your rooms acoustics and the resulting sound is spot on.

If you like music, the Sonos is for you. Accepting that it’s home cinema credentials are very good let’s look at the music offerings. ‘Almost any music in the world’ is the short answer to the ‘what it will do?’ question. Using your library on computers, hard drives or iPhones and iPads, you can listen to your content and then you can go around the world with Napster (Rhapsody) or Spotify and internet radio. Napster and Spotify cost around £10 a month while internet radio is free.

To enhance the Sonos Playbar you can add a Sonos Subwoofer. This costs an extra £599 but is totally worthwhile, especially if you enjoy films and want to get the best experience. Once your wallet has recovered from that outlay buy a pair of Sonos Play 3 speakers at £259 each and you now have a full Home Cinema experience with only mains leads to worry about.

We can provide a great little wall bracket for the Play 3s at £70 per pair so the rears can be located on a wall out of the way. Ideally you could mount them high and drop mains down from above. A service we, of course, can provide.

So what of the Bose? I was very concerned as my middle name is Bose (not really) but nothing to worry about here.  The Bose is smaller, neater and does sound better especially for music. Is there conflict? Well, a streaming Bose would be the best solution but most products rely on you making a choice so here are the pro’s and con’s to try to help.

If you don’t want to stream, don’t want to worry about internet or wireless, just want a market leading Sound Solution for your TV buy the Bose 1SR.

If on the other hand, you are really into music, love to stream, don’t have an alternative in the room or just want to add sound to a TV on a budget the Sonos Playbar at £599 is a ‘no brainer’.

What would be the ultimate solution? Well, a Bose Lifestyle 135 with the superb sound and looks of the Bose Soundbar and a Sonos Connect (previously ZP90) so you get first the best sound, then all the music in the world, throw in the easiest multi-room music system (Sonos) and you have a perfect system. Then consider that the Bose Lifestyle part of the package would allow you (or us) to hide all your boxes in a cupboard out of the way and the Bose remote will control everything, including the TV and your mobile device or smart phone will control the Sonos. Other rooms can be added at your leisure with kitchen and bedroom TVs each using a Sonos Playbar and you home will be a real living ‘kicking’ music machine.

Everything discussed above is on demonstration at Around Sound in Stoneygate Shops Leicester. Please come along, ask, listen and buy. This last point is a really serious point. People need service, before, during and after the purchase. If customers just use us for reference but then buy elsewhere, we will have to go elsewhere. Now is the time to step up and support your local shop. We will support you, as our many great customers will testify (Click to link to Testimonials). Yes, times are tough but stick with us and we will stick with you. We do not add any premium for our products or service. We are always there or thereabouts with our prices but we have years of experience and are happy to share it, while we are here.