Around Sound

Around Sound is an independent business in Stoneygate, off the London Road, just south of Leicester. We specialise in helping you choose the right Home Entertainment System and then ensure you get the most from it.

Around Soound

From the moment you enter our shop, full of curiosity, to the day we leave you with your fully installed purchase, we want you to spend as much time as it takes for you to know you have made the right choice. That’s the around sound difference.

We don’t do distance selling or mail order. We focus on local people. Our prices are competitive; the difference is our service…  

   …… the best possible.

We know ‘everyone’ says, get a demonstration in a shop but then buy cheaper on line.

Well ‘everyone’ is wrong. Find a shop who knows what they are talking about. Check and discuss the price and buy from that shop. That way you will get the right product for you, and support in the future.

We have been in the business many years and know about today’s products and yesterday’s products so we can advise and help with connection and getting your new stuff to work with your old stuff.

We only stock a few choice brands and can usually offer a competitive price but far better service. Check out our testimonials to confirm that this is not sales speak but a genuine proposition.

We offer phone help or emailed instructions written specifically for your combination of equipment. Many people buy Panasonic and most just don’t use all the features. We can even send weekly ‘training sheets’ or do face to face in the shop to make sure you get the full benefit from your kit.

We sometimes get Bose customers who have had Bose for years or bought from someone else, and are not sure how to get the best from it or connect it to up to date equipment. Regularly we can breathe new life into your old Bose and give you more years of superb listening pleasure. Remember, whatever the Bose haters say, more people own Bose speakers worldwide than any other brand and in our shop, 7 out of 10 people prefer the Bose sound in product comparisons.

Did you know, more people have use a Bose docking product, more use Bose Bluetooth products and more use Bose TV sound solutions. You don’t have to be an expert, just have a liking for great sound.

Panasonic learning guides. Whether it’s a delivery company, John Lewis sub contract installers or us, usually by the time we have delivered and set up your TV most people are frazzled and are not able or happy to receive too much instruction. We now offer weekly easy guides on how to get the best from each product so if you want to learn and explore we can help in a very relaxed way. All our customers now benefit from this benefit, they see the value in buying from us, why not come along and give us a try.

6 Steps to Heaven

Lifestyle V35

  • Come in, we don’t pounce but we will engage you. We want to show you the amazing products we have in store, many of which you may never have seen before and may not recognise while ‘just looking’.
  • Bring some CD’s or DVD’s. We love our music but it may not be to your taste.
  • Pace yourself. Your purchase will last a long time. You should not rush in and make a snap decision.
  • Once you make your choice it may need to be installed.  We can visit your home and advise on placement or cable runs and offer a quotation for a full custom installation.
  • Whether it’s a quick drop off or a week to do a full house install we will agree a time scale and give you a ‘project management schedule’ to avoid delays or confusion.
  • Once installed, we sit down with you and make sure you are totally happy with your new equipment.  We provide you with custom instructions for mix of products involved, including your existing devices.


Using Bose room set up technology, we guarantee Superb Sound regardless of room layout or set up

Network systems

We are qualified Microsoft network specialists. As such we can distribute High Definition pictures around your house over cable which you may have already installed or which we can install.

If you choose to buy from a competitor but find the installation and correct use, a challenge, we can install and explain most products.

We don’t do big or complicated, we do small simple and sounds superb. If that sounds like you, please visit us.

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